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Get the best prices for the latest and vintage products in the market today.

About us

Our Story

A company with humble beginnings takes pride in where we started and how far we have come. Metro Liquidators specialize in purchasing liquidated products from quality retailers and manufacturers.
The perk about signing up with us is we offer these premium products at a fraction of retail price for our clients.

Metro Liquidators is a family-owned and operated wholesaler and liquidator. We offer top-of-the-line sourcing and distribution of
liquidated inventory. What makes our company unique is not in our access to inventory, our reliability, or our great pricing. The ingredients to our true uniqueness are our commitment to our customers and the community.

As much as we want to continue to grow, we believe in a rich harmony of growth with other retailers. Therefore, we want our clients to have thriving businesses through the resale of our products. We are not just here to make money, we want everyone to prosper.

Our services are cut across the country; you can quickly reach us anywhere in the United States. We can also deliver our premium products faster than other wholesale liquidators.

We take pride in providing the best customer service for all our clients regardless of how much they spend. We do not discriminate against
any of our clients, we ensure everyone is treated equally

Metro Liquidators have an array of professionals that help clients get great value for their money. These employees thrive in a unique and creative environment that is centered on improving themselves and the clients they work with.

We are an equal opportunity employer as we provide a level playing field for our partners and associates. There are comprehensive benefits packages for employees and career opportunities that will enhance their careers with us.

At Metro Liquidators, we have a wealth of experience as we understand the intricacies of quality product sourcing.

We seek to simplify the complexities that you may have encountered with other companies. In a matter of minutes, all you needs are taken care of.