Ryobi P310G 18v Pistol Grip Variable Discharge Rate Power Caulk and Adhesive Gun (Tool Only, Holds 10 Ounce Carriage)



  • UP TO 500LBS OF PUSH FORCE allowing you to dispense a wide range of high viscosity sealants
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: dispense up to 200 tubes of caulk on a single Ryobi 18-volt battery
  • BALANCED SYSTEM: weight is distributed evenly on top of the ergonomically designed pistol grip handle, making it easy for everyone of all ages to use with comfort
  • VARIABLE SPEED ADJUSTER lets you dispense differently sized beads, so you can do any sealing job without changing your workflow
  • ONBOARD PUNCTURE TOOL means you do not need to worry about carrying more tools on the jobsite than you have to
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Caulking is often frustrating. Even simple jobs around the house, like sealing a bathtub, requires effort than can put unnecessary strain on even a healthy person’s joints. Why go through that trouble. Ryobi has this tried and tested workhorse power sealer. It has the power you can trust from any Ryobi 18 volt battery product with the onboard features that allow you the finesse a hand operated tool offers. The ergonomically designed handle, built with slip resistant polymers, is cleverly constructed to balance the tool weight across its center, improving accuracy. Right next to the handle are two switches that lock the gun and adjust your speed. You do not even need to use both hands to access them. When a tube is finished for those larger jobs, you can replace it in a snap thanks to the hooked end piece. Simply pull it off, and you are ready to load up the next. There is even a puncturing tool. You will not have to worry about whether you brought a pin or scissors with you when you are 30 feet high gluing down roof shingles. Truly, the caulk gun has every part of a good caulk job in its design. All you need to do is lock in your battery, load up your caulk of choice, and pull the trigger. It is that easy.

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